Energy Audit

The focus of the energy audit is to combine all the potential energy saving opportunities within your building into a clearly defined energy management plan. With the completion of the energy audit, your building will receive additional rebate funds. Our audit team’s extensive knowledge and experience with energy system design and operations will be used to develop a detailed energy saving plan for your building. A detailed analysis of your existing heating and mechanical systems and proposed energy saving opportunities is then carried out using energy analysis tools. The Energy Audit final report will be presented to you with the results of the audit including a utility data analysis, energy balance; discussion of existing systems, operation and efficiency and the technical and financial justification for each energy saving opportunity; including cost, your dollar savings, greenhouse gas (GHG) impact and payback period with implementation schedule. Your energy audit will be carried out and adhere to appropriate industry guidelines and standards as applicable, including:

  • The IESO’s Energy Survey and Analysis Terms of Reference
  • Level II of ASHRAE’s Procedures for Commercial Building Energy Audits (2011)
  • ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2013 Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality
  • ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 55-2013 Thermal Environmental Conditions for Human Occupancy
  • IESNA illumination guidelines

Water Audit

Water audits include a detailed review of water consumption data, a comprehensive analysis and measuring of water consumption patterns of the fixtures and equipment that consume water. The water audits report includes specific water and dollar saving recommendations with payback periods and product specifications. Included in the water audit report is a water saving fit up construction schedule.

LED Lighting Projects




Upgrade to energy-saving LED fixtures and bulbs

Our approach is to improve the light levels on your property and to save you money. We only supply and install ‘Best Price” industry-leading high-performance LED light fixtures and bulbs. Our industry leading warranty for LED fixtures and bulbs is up to ten years with the replacement of any failed driver, LED board or bulb. We will provide you with the “Best” value for money purchase and “Best” value for the ongoing operation. The process begins with a free review of your utility bills and an on-site visit to the following areas:

  • All garage and outdoor light fixtures.
  • All indoor light fixtures.

From the completed review, you will receive a detailed report with specific LED light fixture recommendations, your dollar savings calculations, your rebate amounts and your payback period. With the supply and installation of new LED light fixtures, ESA will complete your hydro rebate applications for you and ensure you receive the maximum rebate from hydro.


Building Automation System – BAS

The Building Automation System will improve the run times of all your heating, cooling and mechanical equipment saving you thousands of dollars per year and improve the comfort levels in your building. With the installation of the Building Automation System, you will receive rebates from hydro and your natural gas provider. Eliminate costly HVAC service calls and costs.

  • The system will monitor all you mechanical and HVAC equipment 24 / 7 / 365.
  • If your HVAC or mechanical equipment experiences a set point failure the system will remotely reset the HVAC equipment eliminating the need for an expensive service call from your mechanical contractor.
  • The system will warn you if your HVAC or mechanical equipment starts to fail to allow for an immediate service response eliminating equipment downtime and resident complaints.

Additional Benefits:

  • The system will warn you when a resident has the heat or cooling on and windows open, wasting energy.
  • Remote read and reset capability and operation.
  • Scalability, add as many pieces of mechanical equipment or contacts points as required.
  • The software will warn you if a mechanical equipment starts to fail to allow for an immediate service response.
  • The system will warn you if your energy or water consumption starts to increase eliminating surprise large utility bills.




Turn-key energy and water saving fit-up projects

ESA Energy Saving Applications Ltd. provides full-service energy saving fit-up projects for all types of multi-unit residential and commercial properties. Our approach is to select the best energy saving measures for your building, resulting in the greatest reduction in your energy costs. We will provide you with a comprehensive energy savings “game plan” for now and for the future.

We have over 24 years of energy and water saving fit-up experience. We have successfully completed dollar saving projects across Eastern Canada, from all across the Province of Ontario to the Maritime Provinces of the east coast. From very large fit-up projects to small projects we have the expertise, experience and complete customer service perspective to ensure that your energy and water saving fit-up project is completed on time and on budget. We will provide you with a level of customer service that exceeds your expectations.


Energy and water saving project financing source

Energy saving projects are funded from the dollar savings. We will improve your properties cash flow right from the start. ESA Energy Saving Applications combines all the energy saving rebates available to reduce the cost of the project and provide you with the quickest payback period.


You will get paid to save money!

Voltage Optimization in Real Time

The HYDRO SAVER is installed in your buildings main electrical room.  The HYDRO SAVER improves and optimizes your incoming hydro voltage levels. The optimization of your incoming voltage levels reduces your electrical energy consumption, saving you thousands of dollars per year.

Key Benefits

With the supply and installation of the HYDRO SAVER:

  • You will save thousands of dollars per year.
  • You will receive thousands of dollars in hydro rebates.
  • Seamless integration into your buildings existing main electrical room.
  • Maintenance free operation.
  • Eliminates harmonic distortion.
  • Enhances3 phase balancing.
  • Improves your power factor and eliminates costly power factor surcharges from your hydro bills.
  • Your building’s mechanical equipment operates with greater efficiency, saving you energy, requiring less maintenance and extending the life expectancy of the equipment.
  • Quick Return on Investment.
  • Non-disruptive technology for your building’s residents or occupants.